Choose a color, then go full screen to start the pixel test.

Click on the screen to change colors during the test.

What is the Dead Pixel Test?

Ever spotted a tiny dot on your screen that seems out of place? It might be a dead pixel. A dead pixel is a tiny spot on your LED monitor that doesn't light up as it should, often visible only against certain backgrounds.

How Does the Dead Pixel Test Help?

Our Dead Pixel Test helps you find any dead pixels on your screen. Unlike a stuck pixel, which shows a constant color, a dead pixel doesn't light up at all. It could be due to manufacturing flaws or issues with transistors.

Easy Steps to Test Your Screen

  1. Wipe your screen with a dry cloth to remove any dirt.
  2. Go to our Dead Pixel Test page and hit "Start."
  3. Watch for any static dots that don't change color.
  4. Click anywhere on the screen to switch screen colors and spot more dead pixels.
  5. Press 'ESC' or click X to finish the test.

What Can You Do About Dead Pixels?

Some dead pixels can be fixed with simple techniques:

Why Choose Our Dead Pixel Test?

Common Questions About Dead Pixels

How can I spot a dead pixel?
Look for static dots that don't change color against different backgrounds.
Is a dead pixel serious?
It's usually not serious but can be annoying, especially when watching videos or gaming.
What does a dead pixel look like?
It appears as a constant black or white dot, not changing color like the rest of the screen.