What is Online Tally Counter?

An Online Tally Counter is an online tool used for counting things. It's like a virtual version of those small hand-held counters that people click each time they want to count something. You can use it to keep track of anything that needs counting, such as the number of people entering a room, the number of items sold, or even the number of times something happens.

How To Use Online Counter?

  1. Click a button +/- on the screen every time you need to add one to your count.
  2. Add/remove counter by clicking three vertical dots in the side corner.
  3. Set your own name by clicking the name on each card.
  4. Create Multiple cards by clicking "Add New Counter".

Why Choose Online Counter?

This online counter is handy because you can use it on any device with internet access, like a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Also, it lets you use more than one counter at the same time, which is helpful if you need to keep track of different things at the same time. Plus, a great thing about this counter is that even if you refresh the page or come back later, your counts are saved, so you don't lose your progress. This makes it very convenient and reliable for counting anything you need.

Will My Counters be saved if I close the tab?

Yes, your counters will be saved even if you close the tab. This means that when you open the Online Counter again, you'll find your previous counts just as you left them. This feature is really useful because it ensures that you don't lose any important count information, even if you accidentally close the tab or need to turn off your device.