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What Is a Webcam Test?

A webcam test is a simple tool to check if your webcam is working correctly. This is particularly useful for ensuring good quality video and audio for important calls, meetings, or when you have connected your camera for the first time. This tool is useful if you don't have native applications for webcam testing or want detailed information about your webcam. It also verifies browser compatibility with your webcam, ensuring browser-based apps work correctly.

Why Test Your Webcam?

Testing your webcam helps ensure it is functioning properly. It's helpful for various reasons, like preparing for an important video call, troubleshooting webcam issues, or checking a new webcam's quality.

How to Test Your Webcam?

  1. Click on the 'Start Test' button on our website.
  2. A prompt may appear asking for camera access. Please allow it to proceed.
  3. You should see yourself or the webcam's viewpoint. If visible, your camera is working!
  4. After the test, you'll see information about your webcam (like resolution and frame rate) in the Webcam Information box. This box is located below the webcam section.
  5. All tests are client-side, meaning your images are not recorded or seen by us.

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What If the Webcam Test Fails?