Click 'Start Test', speak into your microphone see waves and quality of the sound. You can also press 'Record' to capture what you have spoken. To listen to the recording, simply click 'Stop Record'.

How To Use Mic Test?

Use this online mic test to check whether your microphone is working properly. Here's how:

  1. Click the "Start Test" Button.
  2. Click "Allow" if a permission prompt appears in the browser.
  3. Observe the sound line moving as you speak into your mic.
  4. Optional: Press "Record" to record your test. After stopping the recording, you can play back your recorded mic test.

Why Use a Mic Test?

If you're wondering whether your microphone is ready for your next recording, call, or broadcast, and want to avoid poor sound quality or technical audio problems that can ruin live streams or important moments, our tools can help. By checking your microphone or webcam with our tools, you can ensure everything works correctly and is properly set up.

Why Test Your Mic With Us?

How to Hear What Your Mic Sounds Like

To listen to your microphone's output, use our built-in playback feature. Simply press "Record," and when you're ready to listen, press "Stop Record." A player will appear under the record button, allowing you to play and check the quality anytime.

Troubleshooting Common Mic Issues

Q: No Movement of the Wave Line?
A: Ensure the microphone is properly plugged in and selected in your system settings.
Q: Low Quality Sound?
A: Adjust the distance from the mic and minimize background noise.
Q: Mic Not Detected?
A: Refresh your browser or check if another application is using the mic. Make sure you have granted permission to use your microphone for the test.