What is Sound Test?

Ever wondered if your speakers or headphones are working correctly and accurately matched? Sound test is your go-to tool to quickly test your audio equipment. Whether you're dealing with a laptop, a smartphone, or external speakers, our user-friendly interface helps you verify if both the left and right audio channels are functioning as they should.

How to Use Sound Test?

  1. Click the both earbuds icon to play sound on both the left and right speaker to verify everything is working.
  2. Click the left earbud icon to play a tone through your left speaker.
  3. Click the right earbud icon to play a tone through your right speaker.
  4. Observe the sound quality and verify that the audio channels (left and right) are not mixed up. This ensures that your audio setup is perfect for any use.
  5. Click the icon you clicked to pause the sound or play it again.

Troubleshooting Speaker Issues

Features of Sound Test

How Sound Test Can Help You?

Common Questions Answered

Q: How can I fix swapped speakers?
A: Simply switch the speaker connections to ensure they match their designated channels.
Q: Why is only one speaker working?
A: Ensure both speakers are properly connected to each other and your device. If the issue persists, one speaker might be faulty.